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Mr. Mohammad Pouladian kari has started his professional Occupation on lighting industry since 1966. After almost three decades of experiencing business and industry at 1995 he decided to establish his own lighting factory, which was named Noorjam Lighting industry. Mr. Mohammad Pouladian Kari after major electrical projects in the country, including the power and control of the Azadi Stadium, Electricity and Control of Tehran Cement, and Electric Power of Ahwaz, and many other projects, decided to innovate and internalize the industrial lighting and floodlights in Iran.

Mr. Mohammad Pouladian Kari has been working with the power of domestic engineering to produce various types of industrial lights and spotlights, including industrial fluorescent lights and stadium lights. The products of this company have so far been used in many national projects of the country, including oil and gas and petrochemical projects, automobile production lines and hundreds of football stadiums and sports halls.

Also, Noorjam industrial Co. has done a lot of lighting design and lighting projects with using the genius of Iranian engineers on relaying the experience and activities of Mr. Mohammad Palladian. He is currently also active in innovation in the country’s lighting industry.

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